Snow wind load

Valais ¦ 2023-11-28

A special natural phenomenon: wind loads along a stream bed in the Simplon region.

Lärchen gold

Golden larches on white ground

Valais ¦ 2023-11-07

An old country saying goes that larch needles never fall on the snow. Will the snow really disappear again?

Bisse de Claveau

Valais ¦ 2023-10-16

The Claveau water channel leads through the middle of the vineyards from Sion to St-Léonard. Impressive and typical are the dry stone walls up to 5m high.

Eggishorn Grosser Aletschgletscher


Valais ¦ 2023-10-08

The Eggishorn offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the great Aletsch glacier, the Bernese and Valais Alps.

World Heritage Jungfrau-Aletsch 

Valais ¦ 2023-10-03

Along the Goperi water channel at the entrance of the Baltschieder valley. In the background towers the Bietschhorn.


Blaze of colours at Simplon Pass

Valais ¦ 2023-10-01

Hike to the lookout mountain Spitzhorli near the Simplon Pass. On the way back with a fantastic view towards Wasenhorn, Breithorn and Hübschhorn.

Tour de Muveran 

Valais – Vaud ¦ 2023-09-22 – 2023-09-24

Early morning start accompanied by ibexes. The Col du Demècre beckons on the horizon.

Grünsee Zermatt

Autumn has arrived

Valais ¦ 2023-09-21

Just in time for the hunting season, autumn has also arrived with its magnificent colours at Grünsee near Zermatt.

Rotenboden – Riffelberg

Valais ¦ 2023-09-19

Hike on behalf of Zermatters from Rotenboden to Riffelberg with a tour group from the USA. The high mountains freshly covered with snow.


Climate in change

Valais ¦ 2023-09-17

The Langglacier in the Lötschental valley impressively demonstrates the effects of climate change in the alps. Marked glacier decrease of over 300m since the turn of the millennium. 

The Bietschhorn in the valley of the valleys

Valais ¦ 2023-09-08

The trail from Lauchernalp in the magical valley to the Lötschenpasshütte is very varied and offers a breathtaking panorama.. 


Stream crossing with a view of Tierberge

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-09-01 – 2023-09-03

Educational days in the beautiful Haslital in wonderful autumn weather. Many thanks to the mountain leader for the highly appreciated tips and tricks.

Suspension bridge near Fiesch

Valais ¦ 2023-08-31

Worthwhile circular tour along the Fiescherwyssa water channel up to the impressive Aspi Titter suspension bridge and via Bellwald back to Fiesch.. 

Via Stockalper

Via Stockalper

Valais ¦ 2023-08-25

Wildly romantic hike north of the Simplon Pass on via Stockalper along the Taferna with its many bridges.

Alternative lake hike

Valais ¦ 2023-08-22

A little off the classic 5-lake hike in Zermatt, there are other idyllic little lakes worth seeing.

Matterhorn Zermatt

In search of the lost valley

Valais ¦ 2023-08-21

From Riffelalp Resort above Zermatt to the lost valley and via Grünsee back to the starting point. Enchanting.

Nature Experience Steingletscher

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-08-13

From the glacier forefield up to the Seeboden moorland with its many small lakes and back to Steingletscher.

Mountain hiking with children

Grisons ¦ 2023-08-10

Playfully from stone to stone from the Diavolezza to Munt Pers with its fantastic views. 

Lake Cavloc near Maloja

Grisons ¦ 2023-08-09

Worthwhile circular tour from Maloja via the smuggler’s path to the Bitabergh and on to Lake Cavloc.


New trail to the Bordierhut

Valais ¦ 2023-08-06

The new trail to the Bordierhut no longer leads across the glacier but past the breathtaking glacier gate. Mountain hiking at its best! 

Matterhorn north face 

Valais ¦ 2023-07-10

On behalf of Zermatters from Schwarzsee via Stafelalp and zum See down to Zermatt. Impressive view on the Matterhorn north face. 


Jewel off the Grimsel road

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-07-08

Not far from the Grimsel road is the turquoise-coloured Gelmer lake and by means of a steep ascent you reach the hut of the same name.

High above Brig

Valais ¦ 2023-07-03

From Rosswald to the Folluhorn and traverse to Fülhorn with stunning views from the Valais to the Bernese alps and down to Brig.  

Wandern Brig

Happy moments

Valais ¦ 2023-07-02

Amidst flower meadows in the Salwald – Chaschtler area, this little ladybird brings good luck.

Lime sintering

Valais ¦ 2023-07-01

Due to the deposition of minerals dissolved in water, crusty limestone deposits have formed here along the Visperi water channel.


Wild, wilder, Gredetschvalley

Valais ¦ 2023-06-23

Above the village of Mund lies the wild Gredetschvalley. At the moment, in addition to marmots, you can also meet Scottish highland cattles.

From Susten to Brünig Pass

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-06-16 – 2023-06-18

Three-day trek from Gadmen to the Brünig Pass. Magnificent views and varied terrain from alpine crossing to mountain spring meadows and finally mixed deciduous forest.


In the shadow of trees 

Valais ¦ 2023-06-11

Once again on the Visperi water channel between Brig and Visp. The trees provide welcome shade.

Adventurous on the way in Savièse

Valais ¦ 2023-06-09

The Torrent Neuf near Savièse offers an insight into the pioneering work of the builders of the water channels in the Valais. Vertiginous suspension bridges included.


Water all over the place 

Valais ¦ 2023-06-02

Day tour from Brig-Glis to Visperterminen. A little refreshment along the way on the steep climb to Äntschi before the trail leads breezily via Hüoterhüs to the finish.

Back in Zermatt

Valais ¦ 2023-06-01

4-lake circular hike from Sunnegga on behalf of Zermatters. Nature awakens shortly after the snow melt.

Schwarzsee Breccaschlund


Freiburg Region ¦ 2023-05-27 – 2023-05-28

Two-day final module of the mountain leader education in Schwarzsee including bivouac in the wildly romantic Breccaschlund.

Waterfall near Schwarzsee

Freiburg Region ¦ 2023-05-22

Ascent through the karst area in the Breccaschlund to the Col du Chamois and via Recardets back down to Schwarzsee. Small detour to the picturesque waterfall shortly before the end.

Wasserfall Schwarzsee
wandern wallis

On holy waters

Valais ¦ 2023-05-12

A head for heights and surefootedness are a must if you want to walk the Wyssa Suone in the wildly romantic Gredetschtal. It is unimaginable how daring the builders had to be back in the old days (15th century!).

Along the BLS railway

Valais ¦ 2023-05-05

Hike along the Bern Lötschberg Simplon railway from Ausserberg to Brig. Mediterranean vegetation in the middle of the Alps.

BLS Südrampe

Visperi water channel

Valais ¦ 2023-04-27

Spring hike from Visp to Brig-Glis along the Visperi water channel, which was restored a few years ago. In addition to airy sections, the hike also offers an insight into the forest fire area of 2011.

Snowshoetour with heart

Valais ¦ 2023-04-02

Another round tour on the Moosalp in perfect snowshoe weather. With its moors, this region also has a lot to offer in summer.


Moosalp Region

Valais ¦ 2023-03-28

Winter conditions on the Moosalp: in untracked powder snow via Breitmatte to Stand.


Valais ¦ 2023-03-21

In spring-like temperatures from Belalp to the Tyndall monument and via Aletschbord back to Chiematte. 


Gone with the wind

Valais ¦ 2023-03-17

In the windstorm on the Simplon Pass, winterly on the way with snowshoes, while in the valley the snowdrops are already in bloom.


Valais ¦ 2023-03-14

Round trip to the Stalen Chapel not far from Reckingen in the Goms. The pilgrimage chapel is considered a place of power for many believers.


Happy Monday

Valais ¦ 2023-03-13

Tour at the back of the Goms valley with views as far as the Weisshorn. You won’t find hungry guests on the Hungerberg.


Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-03-09

Inside the Meiringen-Hasliberg ski area, there are plenty of hidden corners that can be explored on snowshoes.


Bench with a view

Valais ¦ 2023-02-24

This bench with a view of the Mischabel group, Matterhorn and Weisshorn on the Gebidum above Visperterminen invites you to take a break.

Scandinavia? Wasenalp!

Valais ¦ 2023-02-23

Another tour in the Rothwald – Wasenalp area and again a new discovery: a sauna in the forest.


Off the beaten tracks

Valais ¦ 2023-02-17

A tour in the solitude of the Binntal to Hockbode above the hamlet of Feld. There wasn’t a soul in sight.

Tyndall Monument

Valais ¦ 2023-02-16

Monument in honour of John Tyndall on the Belalp. The Irish scientist, explorer and alpinist was one of the first climbers of the Weisshorn.



Valais ¦ 2023-02-14

Reconnaissance tour to the Galmihorn hut in Obergoms. Magnificent view over the high valley with the Weisshorn and Matterhorn on the horizon.

Evening tour on the Simplonpass

Valais ¦ 2022-02-11

On the way on the Simplon Pass together with the Edelweiss Club Holzji. Colourful sky at the beginning of the blue hour.


Hohgant round trip

Bernese Oberland and Emmental ¦ 2023-02-07 – 2023-02-09

Further education module winter 2. Application tour around Hohgant. Perfect snow conditions and bright sunshine all along.

Fondue and full moon

Valais ¦ 2022-02-04

Full moon evening tour again in the Simplon region. Delicious Fondue at Berggasthaus Wasenalp. 


Valais ¦ 2023-02-03

Afternoon snowshoe hike in the Simplon region: Wintrigmatte – Bärufalle – Dooruwaldji. 

Larch trees in hoar frost

Valais ¦ 2023-02-02

Morning glory: young larch trees in hoar frost and an open window towards Glishorn on Rosswald. 

Grosser Aletschgletscher

Blatten Belalp

Valais ¦ 2023-01-28

From Blatten up to the hamlet of Egga and on via Aletschbord to Belalp. Unusual view towards the greatest glacier in the alps from the southwest: Aletsch glacier.

Deflation basin in the magic valley

Valais ¦ 2023-01-27

Deflation basin around a boulder created by strong wind activity. Day tour in the Lötschental from Hockenhorngrat via Lötschenpasshütte – hospitality! – to Lauchernalp. 


Natural preserve Binntal

Valais ¦ 2023-01-26

From Feld first with little snow to Brunnubiel with a glimpse of the farthest part of the valley of Binn. Return via Eggerebode.

Carved signpost

Valais ¦ 2023-01-24

On the way in the Rothwald area, this funny figure shows the way.

Walliser Stadel Mischabelgruppe Dom

Barn meets Mischabel

Valais ¦ 2023-01-20

Above Naters not far from Belalp to the hamlet of Holzji with plenty of powder snow and cold temperatures. Winter has arrived at last.  

Rhone-valley view

Valais ¦ 2023-01-19

Ascent along the 36 trail Rosswald panorama terrace. The view down to Brig and the upper Valais all along to Pfynwood and mountains of the lower Valais is unique.  

Rosswald Rhonetal
Schneehase Spur

Traces in the snow

Valais ¦ 2023-01-17

In villainous weather in the forest again to Wasenalp. Many animal tracks, especially from the snow hare.


Valais ¦ 2023-01-10

Marvellous day with perfect snowshoe conditions North of Simplonpass. Unusual view on the king of Lötschental: the Bietschhorn. 


Valais ¦ 2023-01-07

Field work during another further education on the subject of winter. Plenty of information about scenery, snow and avalanches. 


Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-01-05

Due to lack of snow it was possible to walk alongside the supposed slope with snowshoes to the summit of Hochsträss. Nice view on Eiger northface. 


Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-12-27

Snowshoe tour alongside the hut of herb dwarf to Gummen. Sly fox was here before us. 

Dom and Täschhorn in the sun

Valais ¦ 2022-12-12

On behalf of Zermatters with young students on the way between Furi and Zermatt.

Dom und Täschhorn im Sonnenlicht, Blatten bei Zermatt
Winterwonderland Aletsch

Winterwonderland Aletsch

Valais ¦ 2022-11-27

New season start with first winter hike from Riederalp towards Kühboden. More snow than expected for the time of year at 2000m.a.s.l.


Valais ¦ 2022-10-30

Off on Stockalper’s trail from Simplon pass via Gälmji and Lentritz, and back to marvellous Simplon.

Guggisee Lötschental


Valais ¦ 2022-10-28

The Lötschental presents itself in magnificent autumnal colours. From Fafleralp via Guggialp to the architecturally unique Anen hut. Return via the glacier ramp and Lake Grund. Golden moments!

Water channels

Valais ¦ 2022-10.23

Round trip to the Gredetsch valley with a start in the main valley at the river Rhone alongside Mediterranean bushes to the „Oberi“ water channel and back. Meeting the (blacknose) sheep on the way!

Schwarznasenschafe unterhalb Oberi Suone, Wallis
Gadelowisee, südlich des Titlis

Titlis from the South

Bernese Oberand ¦ 2022-10-20

On the less famous side of mount Titlis in the Gadmen valley to the pituresque Gadelouwisee.

Hasli Dwarfs

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-19

Evening round trip in the Hasli valley in the land of the dwarves Muggestutz and Raurinde between Bidmi – Lischen and Balisalp.

Abendsonne Haslital, Berner Oberland
360 Grad Rundumblick vom Hochstollen, Berner Oberland

360 degree view

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-17

The most beautiful outlook mountain on the border between the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland: Mount Hochstollen. Roundtrip via Melchseefrutt and back to the Alpen tower with a glance to the Gauli region.

Wetterhorn group

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-16

Steep decent from Planplatten to Schlafbielen and on a hunters trail to Bidmi. Unusual view into the Urbachtal, the deepest valley in Europe, which can’t be lived in all year round due to avalanche danger.

Wetterhorngruppe und Urbachtal, Berner Oberland
Brienzersee vom Gibel, Haslital

Haslital classic

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-15

Even with hazy weather conditions a worthwile hike: Gibel mountain.

High route

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-11

The high route from Planplatten via Hääggen to Käserstatt is rich in variety. Together with children a ride on monster kick scooters along a wonderful moor is highly recommended.

Höhenweg Planplatten - Käserstatt, Berner Oberland

Forest surprises

Bernese Oberland ¦ 2022-10-10

Autumn courier: mushrooms alongside the trail on a stroll towards Mühlefluh / Haslital.

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