In the lost valley

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-06-25

Rewarding circular hike on behalf of Zermatters from Sunegga via Grünsee to the lost valley. The snowmelt is in full swing.

verolorenes Tal
Salamandra Atra

Salamandra Atra in the wet

Hike ¦ Uri – Grisons ¦ 2024-06-21

Over the Oberalp Pass from Andermatt to Disentis. The alpine salamanders, which love the wet, formed a guard of honour. 

Always worth a trip

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-06-13

Excursion on behalf of Zermatters to the little Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is still dressed for winter.

Alpen Anemone

Heralds of spring near Adelboden

Hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2024-04-30

Not far from Adelboden is the panoramic mountain Tschenten. The furry cowbells, also known as alpine anemones, are in bloom here.

Hospitality treatment

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-03-22

From the Hockenhorn ridge to the Lötschenpass hut, where you can treat yourself to something homemade. The Balmhorn towers in the background. 


March sun and much snow

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-03-14

Lots of snow in the south extends the snowshoeing season. The sky is adorned with cirrus clouds.

The magic valley covered in deep snow

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-02-06

In the Lötschental, also known as the “magic valley”, there is an attractive snowshoe hike from Blatten to Guggistafel. 

Guggistafel Lötschental

Friday aperitif

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-02-02

Nobody can refuse an aperitif in honor… Round trip on the Simplon Pass.

Wild and romantic Binntal

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-01-30

The wild and romantic Binntal valley offers a beautiful half-day tour from Fäld up to Brunnebiel. Alone in a wide open space.

Stand Schaukel

Panoramic swing

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-01-26

Wonderful view from the Stand in the Moosalpregion. A new XXL panoramic swing awakens the child inside you.

Pure sunshine in the hasli valley

Snowshoe hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2024-01-13

Pure sunshine on the Gibel on the border with Central Switzerland. The wind has carved a lunar landscape into the snow.

Gibel Windzeichen

In the realms of the hasli dwarfes

Snowshoe hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2024-01-12

Classic snowshoe tour from Bidmi via Gummenalp to Mägisalp. Much less hustle and bustle than in summer and views of the Brünigsnake.

Deeply snow-covered forest

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2024-01-07

On the way through the snow-covered forest on Rosswald, a carved wooden figure greets all passers-by.


Alphorn sounds along lake Hopschu

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-12-18

Glorious sunshine along lake Hopschu accompanied by the sounds of an alphorn near the Simplon Pass.

Halo effect near Andermatt

Snowshoe hike ¦ Uri ¦ 2023-12-15

Halo effect during a tour on the Oberalp Pass. An atmospheric appearance created by the reflection and refraction of light on ice crystals.

halo effekt

Untracked to Riederfurka

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-12-01

Untracked in deep powder snow to Riederfurka. The sun greets through the wafts of mist.

Snow wind load

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-11-28

A special natural phenomenon: wind loads along a stream bed in the Simplon region.

Lärchen gold

Golden larches on white ground

Snowshoe hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-11-07

An old country saying goes that larch needles never fall on the snow. Will the snow really disappear again?

Bisse de Claveau

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-10-16

The Claveau water channel leads through the middle of the vineyards from Sion to St-Léonard. Impressive and typical are the dry stone walls up to 5m high.

Eggishorn Grosser Aletschgletscher


Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-10-08

The Eggishorn offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the great Aletsch glacier, the Bernese and Valais Alps.

World Heritage Jungfrau-Aletsch 

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-10-03

Along the Goperi water channel at the entrance of the Baltschieder valley. In the background towers the Bietschhorn.


Blaze of colours at Simplon Pass

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-10-01

Hike to the lookout mountain Spitzhorli near the Simplon Pass. On the way back with a fantastic view towards Wasenhorn, Breithorn and Hübschhorn.

Tour de Muveran 

Trek ¦ Valais – Vaud ¦ 2023-09-22 – 2023-09-24

Early morning start accompanied by ibexes. The Col du Demècre beckons on the horizon.

Grünsee Zermatt

Autumn has arrived

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-09-21

Just in time for the hunting season, autumn has also arrived with its magnificent colours at Grünsee near Zermatt.

Rotenboden – Riffelberg

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-09-19

Hike on behalf of Zermatters from Rotenboden to Riffelberg with a tour group from the USA. The high mountains freshly covered with snow.


Climate in change

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-09-17

The Langglacier in the Lötschental valley impressively demonstrates the effects of climate change in the alps. Marked glacier decrease of over 300m since the turn of the millennium. 

The Bietschhorn in the valley of the valleys

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-09-08

The trail from Lauchernalp in the magical valley to the Lötschenpasshütte is very varied and offers a breathtaking panorama.. 


Stream crossing with a view of Tierberge

Hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-09-01 – 2023-09-03

Educational days in the beautiful Haslital in wonderful autumn weather. Many thanks to the mountain leader for the highly appreciated tips and tricks.

Suspension bridge near Fiesch

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-08-31

Worthwhile circular tour along the Fiescherwyssa water channel up to the impressive Aspi Titter suspension bridge and via Bellwald back to Fiesch.. 

Via Stockalper

Via Stockalper

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-08-25

Wildly romantic hike north of the Simplon Pass on via Stockalper along the Taferna with its many bridges.

Alternative lake hike

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-08-22

A little off the classic 5-lake hike in Zermatt, there are other idyllic little lakes worth seeing.

Matterhorn Zermatt

In search of the lost valley

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-08-21

From Riffelalp Resort above Zermatt to the lost valley and via Grünsee back to the starting point. Enchanting.

Nature Experience Steingletscher

Hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-08-13

From the glacier forefield up to the Seeboden moorland with its many small lakes and back to Steingletscher.

Mountain hiking with children

Hike ¦ Grisons ¦ 2023-08-10

Playfully from stone to stone from the Diavolezza to Munt Pers with its fantastic views. 

Lake Cavloc near Maloja

Hike ¦ Grisons ¦ 2023-08-09

Worthwhile circular tour from Maloja via the smuggler’s path to the Bitabergh and on to Lake Cavloc.


New trail to the Bordierhut

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-08-06

The new trail to the Bordierhut no longer leads across the glacier but past the breathtaking glacier gate. Mountain hiking at its best! 

Matterhorn north face 

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-07-10

On behalf of Zermatters from Schwarzsee via Stafelalp and zum See down to Zermatt. Impressive view on the Matterhorn north face. 


Jewel off the Grimsel road

Hike ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-07-08

Not far from the Grimsel road is the turquoise-coloured Gelmer lake and by means of a steep ascent you reach the hut of the same name.

High above Brig

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-07-03

From Rosswald to the Folluhorn and traverse to Fülhorn with stunning views from the Valais to the Bernese alps and down to Brig.  

Wandern Brig

Happy moments

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-07-02

Amidst flower meadows in the Salwald – Chaschtler area, this little ladybird brings good luck.

Lime sintering

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-07-01

Due to the deposition of minerals dissolved in water, crusty limestone deposits have formed here along the Visperi water channel.


Wild, wilder, Gredetschvalley

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-06-23

Above the village of Mund lies the wild Gredetschvalley. At the moment, in addition to marmots, you can also meet Scottish highland cattles.

From Susten to Brünig Pass

Trek ¦ Bernese Oberland ¦ 2023-06-16 – 2023-06-18

Three-day trek from Gadmen to the Brünig Pass. Magnificent views and varied terrain from alpine crossing to mountain spring meadows and finally mixed deciduous forest.


In the shadow of trees 

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-06-11

Once again on the Visperi water channel between Brig and Visp. The trees provide welcome shade.

Adventurous on the way in Savièse

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-06-09

The Torrent Neuf near Savièse offers an insight into the pioneering work of the builders of the water channels in the Valais. Vertiginous suspension bridges included.


Water all over the place 

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-06-02

Day tour from Brig-Glis to Visperterminen. A little refreshment along the way on the steep climb to Äntschi before the trail leads breezily via Hüoterhüs to the finish.

Back in Zermatt

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-06-01

4-lake circular hike from Sunnegga on behalf of Zermatters. Nature awakens shortly after the snow melt.

Schwarzsee Breccaschlund


Hike ¦ Freiburg Region ¦ 2023-05-27 – 2023-05-28

Two-day final module of the mountain leader education in Schwarzsee including bivouac in the wildly romantic Breccaschlund.

Waterfall near Schwarzsee

Hike ¦ Freiburg Region ¦ 2023-05-22

Ascent through the karst area in the Breccaschlund to the Col du Chamois and via Recardets back down to Schwarzsee. Small detour to the picturesque waterfall shortly before the end.

Wasserfall Schwarzsee
wandern wallis

On holy waters

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-05-12

A head for heights and surefootedness are a must if you want to walk the Wyssa Suone in the wildly romantic Gredetschtal. It is unimaginable how daring the builders had to be back in the old days (15th century!).

Along the BLS railway

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-05-05

Hike along the Bern Lötschberg Simplon railway from Ausserberg to Brig. Mediterranean vegetation in the middle of the Alps.

BLS Südrampe

Visperi water channel

Hike ¦ Valais ¦ 2023-04-27

Spring hike from Visp to Brig-Glis along the Visperi water channel, which was restored a few years ago. In addition to airy sections, the hike also offers an insight into the forest fire area of 2011.

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