Mountain Leader, SBV Swiss Mountain Guides Association; CAS Event Management, ZHAW School of Management and Law


I grew up at Hasliberg in the Bernese Oberland. Thanks to the Ecole d’Humanité, an international boarding school in my village, I got into contact with various cultures and different socio-economic backgrounds. Growing up in a village inn in the 1980s helped shape my intuition for people.

At the age of 18, I started my career in Geneva and I mainly lived in urban cities, such as Lyon, Manchester and Basle. My main hobby at the time was travelling the world. The love of my now-husband brought me after the turn of the millenium back to the mountains, to the canton of Valais.

Here I got the chance to work more than 15 years for a multinational industrial company in various fields, such as administration, project lead, as well as event marketing. Today I live with my family in Brig-Glis.

Parvati Experiences GmbH
Polenstrasse 41
CH-3902 Brig-Glis

+41 78 789 23 98